. European Microbiology Conference 2017 .



Dr. Claudio Aguilar, rqmicro AG, Switzerland
Claudio obtained his PhD in Molecular Microbiology from the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB) and the Open University UK. With postdoc experience obtained at Cornell, Harvard and Zurich Universities, his expertise includes bacterial physiology, biofilm development and quorum sensing. Currently he is Senior Microbiologist and Head of the Assay Development division at rqmicro.


Walid El Azab, Steris Corporation, Belgium
Walid is a Technical Services Manager for the Life Sciences Division of STERIS Corporation. He currently provides technical support related to cleaning chemistries, disinfectants and sterility assurance products and their application and validation. His areas of expertise include both upstream and Downstream biopharmaceutical operation and validation. Walid has held various positions including Project Manager, Inspection Readiness Manager, Quality and Regulatory Manager, and Qualified Person (QP). Walid earned a Master’s degree in Industrial Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Liege, Belgium and is green belt certified.

speaker   Dr Thomas Brinz, Bosch Engineering and Application of Custom Solution
Thomas studied Chemistry at the University of Ulm and got his PhD on Liquid crystals 1994. He was employed in Corporate Research of Bosch from 1995 to 2003. After that he was involved in funding of Bosch Lab System in the Transfer Centre of Bosch. In 2006, this was integrated in Packaging Technology, and in 2011 in the Business Unit Pharma. Currently, he is Head of Lab Automation and Custom Solutions.

Dr Marja Claassen-Willemse, MSD Oss, Senior Specialist, Global Center of Expertise Microbiology, The Netherlands
Maria Claassen studied biology at the universities of Nijmegen and Utrecht. After a post doc position at Erasmus MC, she joined MSD (former Organon). Today, she is as pharmaceutical specialist responsible for quality of sterile products, pharmaceutical and aseptic production, compliance to guidelines and procedures. Performing risk assessments upon quality issues, followed by root cause analysis and the definition of preventive actions. Strong focus on continuous improvement and right-first-time.


Dr Sven M. Deutschmann, Roche Diagnostics GmbH, Penzberg, Germany
In 1995 Sven Deutschmann joined Roche Diagnostics GmbH. Currently, Sven Deutschmann is responsible for the Biological Quality Control including microbiological, molecular and cell biological analytics of QC and In-Process-Control samples in the production of biotechnological derived commercial and clinical active pharmaceutical ingredients and for the Environmental Monitoring and Cleaning Validation activities for the API facilities. Beginning of 2012 he was appointed as Global Head of a Corporate Function called “Method Management and Technology” within the Biologics Operational Unit of Roche with special focus on PCR-based technologies and Rapid Microbiological Methods.

speaker   Carolin Fromm, Labor L+S AG, Bad Bocklet, Germany
Carolin Fromm studied Bioanalytics (Master) at the University of Applied Science Coburg. Since 2015 she is head of department research and development at Labor L+S AG. Her responsibility includes the Project “Implementation and validation of a rapid sterility test” as well as the implementation of new customized microbiological methods.
speaker   Barbara Gerten, Merck, Darmstadt, Germany
AfterMaria Claassen studied Biology at the Radboud university of Nijmegen and got her PhD on Virology at the Utrecht University. After a post doc position in the field of Immunology at the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam, she joined MSD where she had varying positions in development, QC and manufacturing. Currently she is Senior Specialist of the Global Center of Expertise Microbiology, The Netherlands, involved in rapid microbiological method deployment in the QC laboratories of MSD.

Prof. Edwin van den Heuvel, University of Technology, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Edwin van den Heuvel started his professional career in Statistics after obtaining his PhD in 1996. He started as a consultant in industrial statistics with the Institute of Business and Industrial Statistics and afterwards became head of the statistics department at the pharmaceutical company MSD. Since 2010 he is full time professor Medical Statistics at the UMCG (University Medical Center Groningen). Since October 2014 he is Professor at the TU/e department of Mathematics and Computer Science will be closely involved with the development of the Data Science Center Eindhoven (DSC/e).


Pieta IJzerman-Boon, MSD, The Netherlands, Associate Director Quantitative Sciences/Center for Mathematical Sciences - Europe
Pieta C. IJzerman-Boon received her education at the University of Twente, the Netherlands. In 1995 she obtained her M.Sc. degree in Applied Mathematics, followed by a Ph.D. in Statistics in 1999. She joined MSD after her PhD. In 2011 she moved to the non-clinical statistics group in the company, where she currently works as a senior statistician at the Center for Mathematical Sciences.


Jens Jesse, Head QC, Biotest AG, Germany
Jens Jesse studied Engineering Technology of Chemistry in Berlin. From 1994 to 2008 he worked for Abbott Diagnostics, CSL Behring and Gerresheimer. Currently, he is Head of Quality Control at Biotest AG, Germany. Besides others his current strong focus is the implementation of a lab automatisation for water tests as e.g. WFI, constructed and made by Bosch.


Dr Roman Mathaes, Lonza, Switzerland
Roman Mathaes is a group leader within the Lonza Drug Product Service organization. He is leading the Lonza particle lab and the container closure integrity testing. In this role, Roman is responsible for particle analytics in drug products and container closure integrity testing of vials and pre-filled syringes and process development of capping/crimping. Prior to this assignment, Roman was working within Roche/Genentech network supporting process development of the commercial manufacturing. Roman is an active member of the European CCI industry focus group and part of the BPOG CCI workstream. Roman is a pharmacist by training and conducted his studies at the University of Marburg and King’s College London. He holds a PhD in pharmaceutical technology from the University of Munich for work on subvisible particle characterization.


Jim Polarine Jr., MA. Formulated Chemistries Technical Service Manager, STERIS Corporation
Jim Polarine graduated from the University of Illinois with a Master of Arts in Biology. He has been with Steris Corporation for over 163 years and is today senior technical service manager. He is also currently active on the PDA task force on microbial excursions cleaning and disinfection and has co-authored the PDA technical report No. 70 Fundamentals of Cleaning and Disinfection Programs for Aseptic Manufacturing Facilities on cleaning and disinfection. He is part of the faculty at the University of Tennessee Parenteral Medication course.


Bryan S. Riley, Ph.D., Branch Chief (acting), U.S.FDA, CDER, Office of Pharmaceutical Quality, Office of Process and Facility, Division of Microbiology Assessment
Bryan Riley is an acting Branch Chief in the Division of Microbiology Assessment in the Office of Pharmaceutical Quality, Center for Drug Evaluation and Research at the Food and Drug Administration. He is a member of the CDER/OPQ Emerging Technology Team which is delegated with facilitating the adoption of innovative technologies for pharmaceutical manufacturing. Dr. Riley has also been involved in the efforts to adopt a risk-based review process as a member of the OPQ Continuous Improvement Team. Prior to coming to FDA in 1998, he directed a clinical microbiology laboratory specializing in molecular diagnostic methods. He holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in Microbiology from Texas Tech University and a Ph.D. in Microbiology from the University of North Texas. He completed his formal scientific training as a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas.

 speaker   Dr Petra Rösch, Institute for Physical Chemistry, Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena
Petra Rösch received her Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of Wurzburg in 2002. In her current Position at the University Jena, she is working on the investigation of all kind of biological, medical, and pharmaceutical relevant problems with various vibrational spectroscopic methods. Her main focus lays on the cultivation-free characterization and identification of microorganisms with Raman.
 speaker   Kevin Williams, bioMerieux, USA
Kevin is a recognized expert in the endotoxin detection field with over 30 years of experience in Pharma (Eli Lilly, Hospira, Lonza). He authored and edited the 2nd and 3rd editions of “Endotoxins” book from Informa Healthcare as well as authoring many journal articles in PDA, BioPharm, Pharmaceutical Technology, and American Pharmaceutical Review. He is often a speaker at PDA and other microbiological focused conferences.